Giugno 29 2014, 7pm

Martin Freeman al The Andrew Marr Show - 29/06/2014


Giugno 29 2014, 6pm


Martin Freeman arriving to the BBC for The Andrew Marr Show, June 29 2014.

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Giugno 29 2014, 6pm


Martin Freeman is barely recognisable in retro fashion statement (x)

Giugno 29 2014, 6pm

Martin ospite al The Andrew Marr Show.

Martin ospite al The Andrew Marr Show.

Marzo 16 2014, 4pm


John’s eyes appreciation - His Last Vow

So, somebody asked for it :D

it is way different doing this for Martin’s eyes because he is shot in a very different way than Benedict. But he’s oh-so-expressive. I can feel the emotion John’s feeling just watching his eyes.